Saturday, February 5, 2011

DIY Inspiration: A Children's Tool Bench

 Our preschooler is in love with tools and has been since he was very small. Knowing that everyone needs a good space to create, we made him this children's tool bench from a DIY book shelf kit and some extra screws and fixtures from our 'real' tool bench. Our 3 shelf pine unit was purchased from a local super store last year for $12. The kit consists of 4 legs and three pre-assembled shelves. Here is a link to a similar shelf unit.
The shelf was built using the existing instructions for the first two shelves. I attached the bottom shelf in the second set of pre-drilled holes (approximately 5.5 inches from the floor). The second shelf was attached in the fifth set of pre-drilled holes (approximately 17.5 inches from the floor). This can be adjusted to your child's height. I simply attached the third shelf vertically to the back supports, approximately 23 inches from the floor.
 We then trimmed the front supports to be level with the second shelf.
 We used screws drilled in halfway for him to hang his tools.
 And attached some plastic cups with smaller screws to hold little tools.

 Some other extra plumbing fixtures worked well for longer tools, as well.
This work bench has been one of the most loved play spaces in our home! Hours have been spent hammering, sawing, and building. I cannot wait to see what this little guy creates as he gets older...

A note on safety: If you are building this tool bench for your little one, please use your own best judgement to make it safe and authentic for your child. You may consider attaching it to the wall when it is completed to prevent tipping and using plastic hooks if your are worried about sharp edges. We haven't had any issues with these things, but like any toy your child enjoys, you can make sure it is safe and appropriate for your own child's comfort and ability level.

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  1. Great job! I found this on Pinterest and am linking to it in my "Gifts for Boys" Christmas post. It should be up either tonight or tomorrow. :)


  2. Love it even more because it's for little dudes!

  3. My son loves the "alpha pig" tool kits underneath too, did you buy those or did you make them?

  4. My son loves the "alpha pig" tool kits underneath too, did you buy those or did you make them?

  5. The "alpha pig" tool kits look like the ones from Melissa and Doug to me! Hope that helps! :)


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